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Local Cryotherapy.
The modern day ice pack. Reduce inflammation by drawing blood away from the targeted area so it becomes more oxygenated and speeding up the healing process as a result. A few minutes of Local Cryo is the equivalent of icing that same area for 15+ hours!

Quality You Can Trust

We are the busiest and highest rated cryotherapy center in the United States. We combine the latest wellness technology with the most knowledgable and advanced Cryotherapy Wellness Specialists in the industry to give you the best results possible.

Also Included

Decompression Massage.
After cryotherapy your body has better blood flow and is primed for any physical activity. If you are dealing with stiffness, soreness or just want to decompress your back, 10 minutes on our traction massage tables will leave you feeling great!


Whole Body Vibration.
Whether you are trying to loosen up tight areas in the body, burn some serious calories, or just want to improve circulation and heart health, 10 minutes on our vibration plates will do the trick!


Leg Compression Sleeves
Similar to a massage, leg compression therapy applies pressure on the legs and other areas of the body. This releases tension, increases blood flow, helps with vericose veins, lympathic circulation, reduces pain and soreness...and it feels great!


Oxygen Bar.
Oxygen gives the body the ability to rebuild itself, detoxifies blood, increases circulation and strengthens the immune system. Oxygen will heighten concentration, alertness and help fight off depression. Oxygen has been known to help with relaxation and sleep disorders, prevent disease, relieve hangovers, and alleviate headaches.


What Our Customers Say...

Love this place. I have been coming here for three months now and I can totally feel the difference. I recommend this place to everyone and anyone that wants to just feel better.

-Javier B

Great staff. Cryo had really helped control the inflammation in my hips. I would highly recommend this place if you have some aches and pains and need to try something new.

-Alison W

I joined I have been coming here for a year now. I have tried different Cryo places and their services are lacking Cryo Nation is the best hidden secret.

-Ron M.

Coldest freeze I've had. Love the staff. The pricing can't be beat.

-Robin G.

I left feeling relaxed and energized. The staff is so kind and knowledgeable. 100% fan and will be returning.

-Natalie N.

Aches and pains are disappearing and I feel so much looser. I highly recommend this be added to anyone's health journey.

-Patti A.