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Electro Lymphatic Circulation is designed for use on clients with sluggish lymphatic systems, swelling in limbs, or those not seeing results quickly. This works as drainage helps with detoxing of toxins and fluids we have inside the body. Lymphatic circulation is a great way to release those dead fat cells out of the body faster and see the results quickly.


  • Upper Body
  • Lower Body


1) Boost weight loss. Improving the lymphatic system will improve your metabolic rate, which helps you burn calories more efficiently.

2) Reduce water retention. Over time, people's lymphatic system becomes less effective resulting in a reduced or no pump and reduced circulation. This often occurs with those that are less active or sit for a long time without moving as the lymph can't flow as easily — this is why you may experience swelling in the feet, fingers, and other areas of the body.

3) Boost Immune System. Reduce the chance of you suffering from minor colds and viruses. Lymphatic Circulation helps your body fight off infection, and speeds up healing and recovery from illness.

4) Flush out Toxins. By reducing toxins built up in the system, your body will feel and look better while also allowing the body to burn fat more effectively.


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